SEICO Develops New Design of Liquid-Cooled Braking Resistors

31 Mar 2011


After more than 10 years of successful experience in the area of development and delivery of liquid-cooled braking resistors for hybrid-vehicles and fuel cell-vehicles, SEICO has completed a re-design in 2009.

Many years of experience from more than 100 different applications in field tests and series have flown into the revised product family of the braking resistors.

Besides the development of more efficient braking resistors with continuous power up to 200 kW, a special attention has been put on the different installation situations in the vehicles. Now this flexibility enables us in the installation of braking resistors in various vertical and horizontal alignments.

To make the efficiency of this series usable for all application fields, extensive national and international specifications, among others from the automotive area, armed forces or agriculture, have been integrated into the re-design.

The new developed temperature sensor especially for the automotive area is a clear improvement for our customers. Moreover, the terminal box has been extended by the possibility of a high volt supply by plug. It offers the customer an easy and safe high voltage connection.

For further information please contact SEICO Heizungen GmbH, with pleasure we will prepare a quotation for your project.

Please ask for our approved types:
WB 660 – 25 (25 kW at 660 V continuous power)
WB 660 – 70 (70 kW at 660 V continuous power)
WB 660 – 140 (140 kW at 660 V continuous power)
WB 660 – 200 (200 kW at 660 V continuous power)

We will be pleased to offer other capacities/ voltage ranges/ geometries on your inquiry, if requested.

As a rule, modification is the beginning of “tomorrow’s product” – please speak to our development department for more details.

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