Certification and Quality

Certification & Quality

The mark of quality ‘Made in Germany’ is something we take very seriously. This designation is tied to high expectations and SEICO maintains its certification of safety and commitment to state of the art quality management.

Comprehensive Approvals

SEICO is part of the EXHEAT group of companies – an association of world-renowned developers and manufacturers of hazardous area electrical heating and control systems. Together with EXHEAT, our combination of innovation, quality and reliability makes it possible to meet your project requirements in the best possible way, while always ensuring the highest level of service and safety standards necessary for the global market.

SEICO operates a Quality Management System in accordance with the internationally recognised benchmark standard ISO 9001, and manufactures products that meet the strict standards of the ATEX directive, the internationally recognized IECEx scheme and various other approvals.


Scope Certificate
EXHEAT Group – Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015 FM 26078
DIN EN ISO 3834-3 Cert No – 07/203/1042/HZ/0598/22 DE/EN
ATEX QAN (Quality Assurance Notification) LCIE 02 ATEX Q 8015
IECEx QAR (Quality Assessment Report) FR/LCI/QAR06.0005/12
TUV Rheinland – Module H1 Cert No – 01 202 172/Q-23 6032.00
TUV Rheinland – AD2000 HP0 (DE/EN) Cert No – 07/203/1042/HP/0598/22 DE/EN


Scope Certificate
FAW/FCR Series Air Warmer LCIE 00 ATEX 6013 X
FLR Series Liquid Filled Radiator LCIE 00 ATEX 6012 X
FP Series Liquid Gas or Air Immersion Heater LCIE 01 ATEX 6056 X
FP-RCH Series Wall Mounted Water Heater LCIE 01 ATEX 6026 X
FUH Series Fan Assisted Air Heater LCIE 02 ATEX 6235 X
FWD Type Flameproof Air Warmer LCIE 04 ATEX 6016 X
FX/FXS Enclosure Heaters DEMKO 16 ATEX 1667X
FXE Type Enclosure/Cabinet Heater LCIE 12 ATEX 3040 X
FXT and FXT-I Type Thermostat LCIE 12 ATEX 3086 X
FXT Thermostats Sira 17ATEX1356X
HEF Series Anti-Condensation Heater ITS 19 ATEX 104973X
HFT and AFT Range of Flameproof Thermostats Sira 18ATEX1238X
HIH Flameproof Instrument Housing LCIE 08 ATEX 6059 X
LFH Fixed Fan Heater ITS 18 ATEX 102782X
MFH Portable Fan Heater ITS 17 ATEX 101743X
RFA Series Liquid, Gas or Air Immersion Heater LCIE 99 ATEX 6006 X
RFA-C Series Liquid, Gas or Air Immersion Heater LCIE 99 ATEX 6011 X
RFT Series Temperature Sensor LCIE 03 ATEX 6009 X


Scope Certificate
FAW and FCR Type Air Warmer and Convector IECEx LCI 07 0009 X
FP Type Liquid, Gas or Air Immersion Heater IECEx LCI 06 0006 X
FWD and FWD-T Type Flameproof Air Warmer IECEx LCI 07 0005 X
FX/FXS Enclosure Heaters IECEx ULD 16.0002X
FXE Type Enclosure/Cabinet Heater IECEx LCI 12 0008 X
FXT Type Thermostat IECEx LCI 12 0030 X
HEF Type Anti-Condensation Heater IECEx ITS 19.0024X
HFT and AFT Range of Flameproof Thermostats IECEx SIR 18.0053X
HIH Flameproof Instrument Housing IECEx LCI 08 0025 X
LFH Fixed Fan Heater IECEx ITS 18.0040X
MFH Portable Fan Heater IECEx ITS 17.0012X

United States and Canada

Scope Certificate
FAW, FAW-C, FAW-C-T Type Air Heaters 70146283
FP Type Liquid, Gas or Air Immersion Heater 1407867
FXB, FXH, FXS Enclosure Heaters 70188219
FXT-DI, FXT-DR, FXT-M Thermostats 70124225
HEF Series Anti-Condensation Heater 70117806
HFT Type Air Sensing Thermostats 70027793


Scope Certificate
FAW Hazardous Area Air Warmers 15-GA4BO-0545X
FP Ex d IIC T1 to T6 Ex d
FP Ex tD A21 IP65/66 Ex tD
FWD Flameproof Air Warmers 15-GA4BO-0546X
HEF Hazardous Area Enclosure/Cabinet Heaters 15-GA4BO-0547X

Russia and CIS

Scope Certificate
CU TR (EAC) for FP and ISE Heaters CU TR (EAC) for FP and ISE Heaters


Scope Certificate
FP Range of Liquid, Air or Gas Heaters CCCEx 2020322312002910
ISE Range of Liquid, Air or Gas Heaters CNEx11.2875x


Scope Certificate
FP Series Liquid, Air or Gas Immersion Heaters P343364/1
ISE Series Liquid, Air or Gas Heaters P247660/1
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