Certification and Quality

Brake Resistors for Electric Vehicles

In order to help prevent damage to vehicle motors, brake resistors convert excess braking energy back into thermal energy, which is then safely dissipated through a cooling medium.

The manufacturing quality of brake resistors is crucial. For example, if the resistor is not carefully designed to absorb the proper line load, excessive spikes of energy can lead to the failure of the braking system.

SEICO makes use of high-quality components to ensure that our brake resistance products are fully designed with safety and durability in mind. Our long experience in developing liquid-cooled braking resistors for hybrid and full-cell vehicles has also allowed us to engineer highly-efficient brake resistors that not only safely dissipate thermal energy from the braking process, but can even transform that thermal energy back into continuous power, which can be re-utilized in various ways (eg. providing stronger acceleration in hybrid buses, etc).

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