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Vehicle Cabin Interior Heaters & Ventilators

With various applications in rail transport, SEICO has been successfully represented worldwide since 1976. Examples of these applications from the SEICO product portfolio include: foot heating plates, windshield clearing systems, individual air conditioners or heaters and fans.

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  • Stable steel case, partly individually adaptable in optics
  • Low noise
  • Optimal functional reliability and service life

  • Trams
  • Buses
  • Trolleybuses
  • Additional heating for driver’s cabs
  • Product solutions for special vehicles

Main materials

  • High-quality industrial components, primarily made of stainless steel


  • Can be individually defined depending on the application


  • In each case individually according to the application, e.g. in the driver’s cab, passenger compartment or on the roof of the vehicle


  • Voltage ranges up to 900 V can be covered. Depending on the application, specific data is defined in close cooperation with the customer
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