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WH Air Circulation Heaters

SEICO’s air circulation heaters have been used successfully for many years as the perfect solution to help keep driver cabins, passenger areas and other vehicle interior spaces warm.

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  • Stable steel housing, protected against corrosion and painted in the desired color
  • Low noise
  • Optimal functional reliability and service life
  • Temperature limitation through built-in thermostats / safety temperature limiters

  • Space heating for trams, buses, trolley buses
  • Ships
  • Product solutions for special vehicles

Main materials

  • Steel, ceramics, heating wire


  • Ceramics with individual heating wire and windings according to application-specific requirements


  • WH-1: approx. Length: 310 mm, diameter: 280 mm
  • WH-2: approx. Length: 400 mm, height: 140 mm, depth: 340 mm

Assembly / installation position

  • Depending on the version, possible in a horizontal position, e.g. as under seat assembly, to set up on the floor or to hang under the seat

APower / voltage

  • 3 kW at connection voltages 600 V (+/- 30%), or individually according to customer specifications
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