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HEWL/HEOL Line Heaters

The SEICO HEWL and HEOL product range is suitable for heating all process fluids which are non-corrosive to the materials of construction. They provide a clean and efficient heating method for bulk liquid flow applications.

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  • Thermal insulation and cladding
  • Weatherproof terminal enclosure IP66
  • Internal control thermostats and over-temperature thermostat
  • Also available in flameproof construction for hazardous areas utilising the FP range
  • Alternative materials of construction available
  • Designed for horizontal installation (vertical mounting version available on request)

  • Engine jacket pre-heating
  • Fuel oil
  • Heat transfer oils
  • Indirect heating of liquids
  • Industrial washing and rinsing processes
  • Lube oil pre-heating
  • Temperature maintenance of storage tanks
  • Tempering of low grade residual oils for burners and engines
  • Under floor heating schemes


  • Degree of protection IP66


  • Sheathed heating element (HEWL) made of Incoloy 800 or 825 or stainless steel 316L or SS304 V2A or element with removable ceramic core with steel housing or SS316 stainless steel or cartridge type with housing

Working pressure

  • Up to 10 barg (145 psig), subject to design parameters

Design code

  • Sound engineering practice (SEP)


  • Steel or stainless steel SS316 / V4A


  • Mineral wool


  • Aluminium


  • Up to 200 kW (HEWL) and up to 120 kW (HEOL), depending on the application


  • Power supply up to 690 V
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