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Low Voltage Motor Control Center

SEICO engineers MCCs and modular systems for numerous applications to suit any client requirement. The frames used are of welded construction and all busbar sections are type tested and verification provided and can be engineered according to the IEC 61439 low-voltage switchgear combination if required. Customer-specific requirements can also be implemented on request.

Due to its modular design, the system is able to be expanded up to 50% with minimum modification and system disruption. This enables for easy future system expansion.

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  • -20 to +40°C operational temperature
  • Welded frame modular construction
  • IP ratings to IP66
  • IEC 61439, etc
  • Full condition testing
  • Single phase control 230VAC or 110VAC
  • 3 phase mains 380VAC to 690VAC
  • Customers’ specific requirements
  • Automatic control
  • Constant process monitoring


  • IEC 61439, etc
  • IP ratings to IP66


  • On / off control
  • Fine process control


  • -20 to +40°C operational temperature


  • Full condition testing


  • Single phase control: 230VAC or 110VAC
  • 3 phase mains: 380VAC to 690VAC
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